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Journal of Pipeline Engineering - Issue Details
Date: 6/2010
Volume Number: 9

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Don’t drop the drop-weight tear test
Author: Dr Andrew Cosham
Secondary authors: David G Jones, Robert Eiber, and Dr Phil Hopkins
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A parametric study on the effect of weld misalignment on the local buckling response of pipelines
Author: Aiman Al-Showaiter
Secondary authors: Professor Farid Taher and Dr Shawn Kenny
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Thickness limits for welded joints between pipes of different yield strengths
Author: Dr Michael Law
Secondary authors: Peter Tuft and Phillip Venton
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Augmenting ILI tools to assess external coatings
Author: Dr J Bruce Nestleroth
Secondary authors: Jason K Van Velsor
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Multi-diameter, bi-directional pigging for pipeline precommissioning
Author: Magne Andreas Vik
Secondary authors: Alf Åge Kristiansen, Simon Sykes, Steve Hutcheson, and Dr Aidan O’Donoghue
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