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Journal of Pipeline Engineering - Issue Details
Date: 9/2010
Volume Number: 9

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Experience of flow assurance simulations
Author: Dr Alessandro Terenzi
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A comparison of the API 1104 Appendix A and BS 7910 procedures for the assessment of girth weld flaws
Author: Sarah E Smith
Secondary authors: Henryk G Pisarski
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Design of deepwater HP/HT pipe-in-pipe flowlines crossing mega-furrows in the Gulf of Mexico
Author: Dr Tianxi (Andy) Tang
Secondary authors: Jacob Chacko, Mengjuan (Jane) Zhou, Gabriel O Omonoji, and Uwa Eigbe
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Deep subsea oil and gas infrastructure development: some challenges and solutions
Author: D K Das
Secondary authors: Jose Gonzalez
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The role of FEM in the operation of pipelines in unstable soils
Author: R Bruschi
Secondary authors: S Bughi, and M Spinazzè
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HDD: a reliable way of pipeline crossing – some myths uncovered
Author: Jan Spiekhout
Secondary authors: Hermann Lübbers, Andre Pietjouw, Gerard Snikkenburg, Hans Blok, Joana Jaguttis, Ingomar Kühnemund, and Hans J Brink
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The lightning threat to pipelines and coatings
Author: Joseph (Joe) Pikas
Secondary authors: William Shoaf
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The 2010 Chilean earthquake: gas distribution system resilience
Author: Enrique Acuna C
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ILI performance management using advanced NDE systems
Author: R McNealy
Secondary authors: M Fingerhut, and D Yu
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