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Journal of Pipeline Engineering - Issue Details
Date: 6/2012
Volume Number: 11

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Why failures happen and how to prevent future failures
Author: Prof. Phil Hopkins
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A new joint-industry project addressing the integrity management of SCC in gas transmission pipelines
Author: Dr A David Batte
Secondary authors: Raymond R Fessler, Jim E Marr, and Steve C Rapp
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Effects of inline inspection sizing uncertainties on the accuracy of the largest features and corrosion rate statistics
Author: Dr Luc Huyse
Secondary authors: Albert van Roodselaar
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Optimizing magnetic flux-leakage inspection sizing model performance using high-resolution non-destructive examination data
Author: Scott Miller
Secondary authors: Stuart Clouston
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A novel pipe-cap system for corrosion protection and security
Author: Werner Rott
Secondary authors: Klaus Schmidt, Gunther Blitz, and Michael Magerst├Ądt
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Successful application of reinforced-thermoset-resin (RTR) pipe for oil production in Saudi Arabia
Author: Dr Alwin Fahrer
Secondary authors: Riad El Ferkh
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