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Journal of Pipeline Engineering - Issue Details
Date: 9/2012
Volume Number: 11

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Deepwater Horizon – lessons for the pipeline industry
Author: Dr Jan Hayes
Secondary authors: Prof. Andrew Hopkins
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National Grid’s COOLTRANS research programme
Author: Russell Cooper
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Towards a CO2 pipeline specification: defining tolerance limits for impurities
Author: Dr Julia Race
Secondary authors: Dr Ben Wetenhall, Dr Patricia N Seevam, and Prof. Martin J Downie
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The application of individual and societal risk assessment to CO2 pipelines
Author: Dr Phil Cleaver
Secondary authors: Harry Hopkins
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Framework for validation of pipeline release and dispersion models for the COOLTRANS research programme
Author: Dr Simon Gant
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The saturation pressure and the design of dense-phase CO2 pipelines
Author: Dr Andrew Cosham
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Transport of gaseous and dense carbon dioxide in pipelines: is there an internal corrosion risk?
Author: Daniel Sandana
Secondary authors: Matthew Hadden, Dr Julia Race, and E.A.Charles
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Environmental impact of a hypothetical catastrophic leakage of CO2 onto the ground surface
Author: Dr Janice A Lake
Secondary authors: M D Steven, K Smith, and B H Lomax
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