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Journal of Pipeline Engineering - Issue Details
Date: 9/2014
Volume Number: 13

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Terrain analysis for pipeline design, construction, and operation
Author: Jason Cosford
Secondary authors: Dave van Zeyl, and Lynden Penner
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In-place stability and integrity of offshore pipelines crossing or resting on active bedforms or loose or soft soils
Author: Roberto Bruschi
Secondary authors: Sabrina Bughi, Michele Drago, and Floriano Gianfelici
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Numerical and constitutive model development to aid design against pipeline geohazards
Author: Kenton Pike
Secondary authors: Prof. Shawn Kenny, and Prof. Bipul Hawlader
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An overview of strain-based seismic design of high-pressure gas pipelines
Author: Nobuhisa Suzuki
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