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Journal of Pipeline Engineering - Issue Details
Date: 3/2015
Volume Number: 14

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Dr Ray Fessler - obituary
Author: John Mackenzie
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EPRG guidelines on the assessment of defects in transmission pipeline girth welds – Revision 2014
Author: Dr Robert M Andrews
Secondary authors: Prof. Rudi M Denys, Dr Gerhard Knauf, and Dr Mures Zarea
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Analysis of severe circumferential SCC found on an ethane pipeline
Author: Yannick Beauregard
Secondary authors: Cody Edwards
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Soil deformation during monotonic and seismic pipe uplift in liquefiable soil
Author: Dr Siau Chen Chian
Secondary authors: Dr Junkan Wang, Dr Stuart K Haigh, and Prof. S P Gopal Madabhushi
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Assessing the probability of detecting crack features using ultrasonic ILI tool run results and excavation data
Author: Dongliang Lu
Secondary authors: Jason Skow, and Sean Keane
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Dealing with internal inspection uncertainty in pipeline-integrity management
Author: Susannah Turner
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