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Journal of Pipeline Engineering - Issue Details
Date: 6/2015
Volume Number: 14

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

How much should be spent to prevent disaster? A critique of consequence times probability
Author: Prof. Andrew Hopkins
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Measuring variations in mechanical properties across an electric-resistance-welded (ERW) pipe seam with a portable device
Author: Steven D Palkovic
Secondary authors: Brendon M Willey, Michael J Tarkanian, and Dr Simon C Bellemare
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Managing uncertainty in an in-line inspection programme
Author: Karmun Cheng
Secondary authors: Steven Bott and Wade Keller
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Technical background of the update of ECA procedures in CSA Z662
Author: Dr Su Xu
Secondary authors: Dr William R Tyson, and Dr Da-Ming Duan
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Corrosion assessment methods for pipelines with long blunt defects
Author: Dr Xian-Kui Zhu
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Inspection technologies for traditionally ‘unpiggable’ liquid pipelines
Author: Amy Higgins
Secondary authors: Brian Ellestad, Ryan Dale, and Mark McTavish
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Critical crack-size detection criteria to develop a novel ILI tool for non-piggable gas pipelines
Author: Dr Husain Al-Muslim
Secondary authors: Michael Rosenfeld and David Merte
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Ductile fracture of X-65 API linepipe under severe loading
Author: Dr Sirous Yasseri
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