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Journal of Pipeline Engineering - Issue Details
Date: 6/2016
Volume Number: 15

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Deterministic and probabilistic approaches for scheduling mitigations of crack-like anomalies
Author: Dr Jing Ma
Secondary authors: Michael Rosenfeld
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Hydrotesting and ILI: now and in the future
Author: Jerry Rau
Secondary authors: Dr Mike Kirkwood
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The use of GIS slope-stability analyses for onshore pipeline routeing optimization
Author: Dr Filippo Onori
Secondary authors: Dr Agostino Napolitano and Eng. Tonino Tarsi
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Geogrid for existing buried pipeline crossings
Author: Dr Agostino Napolitano
Secondary authors: Dr Diego D’Alberto, Dr Salvatore Morgante, and Dr Gilberto Latini
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Assessment of the reliability level embedded in pipeline design codes
Author: Prof. Sviatoslav A Timashev
Secondary authors: Anna V Bushinskaya
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Baseline survey of flexible pipes: scope of requirements and overview of typical non-conformances
Author: Dr Damir Tadjiev
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