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Journal of Pipeline Engineering - Issue Details
Date: 9/2016
Volume Number: 15

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Comparison of tee designs for subsidence areas
Author: Dr Michael Law
Secondary authors: Paul Grace and Ben Wyeth
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Estimating liquid pool evaporation by forced convection in a gas pipeline
Author: Alessandro Terenzi
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Upheaval buckling of pipelines
Author: Oluwatomisin Adebanjo
Secondary authors: Dr Nigel Simms
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A novel model for prediction of crack propagation in gas transmission pipelines
Author: Dr Hadi Mohammadi
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Prediction of the internal corrosion remaining life of a gas pipeline made of high-strength steel
Author: Dr Yue Cui
Secondary authors: Prof. Hui-qing Lan, Dr Ren-yang He, and Prof. Chao-hui Zhang
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Fluidic-drag estimation in horizontal-directional drilling using the finite-volume method
Author: Montazar Rabiei
Secondary authors: Dr Yaolin Yi, Prof. Alireza Bayat, Prof. Roger Cheng, and Manley Osbak
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Industry leaders gather in Germany
Author: Editorial
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