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Journal of Pipeline Engineering - Issue Details
Date: 3/2017
Volume Number: 16

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Rational test pressure levels for mitigating the pipe-manufacturing-defect integrity threat in natural gas pipelines
Author: Michael J Rosenfeld
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Hydrogen-induced-cracking prediction software
Author: Dr Abderrazak Traidia
Secondary authors: Mohammed Shibly Kaamil-Ur-Rahman, Abdulrahman Qatani, and Mohammed Abufour
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Assessment of residual stress, hardness, and defect tolerance in a tee joint, as-welded and after post-weld heat treatment
Author: Dr Michael Law
Secondary authors: Dr Ann Paradowska, Nicholas Hoye, and Paul Grace
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“We’re still hitting things”: the effectiveness of third-party processes for pipeline strike prevention
Author: Dr Vanessa McDermott
Secondary authors: Prof. Jan Hayes
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Preparing to transfer and accept the duty of care
Author: Eric Lang
Secondary authors: Chris F Yoxall
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Closing the generational gap
Author: Jerry Rau
Secondary authors: Jane Rau
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